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Our original content is created alongside leading research institutions and subject-matter experts so that you know it’s accurate and trustworthy.

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Bite-sized content with all you need to know about building a strong foundation for you and your child.

With Your Values

Easily hide content that you’re not ready to discuss with your child. We don’t tell you how to parent; we just try to make it easier.

Our Promise

We’re committed to building a diverse team that creates diverse content. Because no two families are alike in their approach to guiding kids through mental, physical and emotional development.


A parent companion for child development

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Your kids ask questions anytime, anywhere. With maro, you can too. Ask maro those tough, on-the-spot questions and receive answers you can trust.

Keep a journal of your child’s mood and important developmental events.


Receive personalized recommendations for parent-facing content and grow with your child.

Learn from experts how to discuss difficult topics with your child in a way that’s meaningful to them based on their age.

Kid Mode

Encourage your K-8 child to explore content approved by you. Create a profile for your child so they can engage with age-appropriate, family-friendly games, videos, comics and music.

Add or remove content so that materials align with your family’s values.

What parents are saying

So needed. I really thought I was prepared until the time came. -Emily, mom of two
Oh my gosh. This is genius. I was on the phone with my sister YESTERDAY telling her that I froze when my 4-year-old asked me about a tampon. It’s hard to know how much information to tell them or what will make sense to them. -Jena, mom of three
I don’t want my kids to go through what I did. I’ve actually been looking for a resource to help me talk to my son about respecting women. -Anonymous, mom of two
I didn’t know kids could experience depression or suicidal thoughts so young. -Jennifer, mom of six

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